Design that inspires

Lumi is inspiring design with big ❤️

Web Design

Simply gorgeous immersive web experiences

Your website is the digital point of contact for every modern business. Whether big or small every company needs one that is stylish, concise, and leaves a potent impression.

Branding & Logo Design

Brands that uplift and inspire

No matter what you're selling a vivid and lucidly realized logo is the most important element of your company's visual language. It goes on everything, so let's make it count.

Icon Design

Icons tell a powerful narrative about your brand

Iconography is a powerful way to help tell your brand's story. By using simple and beautiful imagery icons can assist in powerfully communicating vital ideas and processes.

Digital Illustration

Beautifully polished, memorable artwork

Customers don't want just a functional product, they want it to be beautifully rendered. Presentation is everything so unique digital illustrations assist in creating a significant impact.


What people are saying about Lumi

Jared Thurmon of The New Life Challenge says:

"The truth is there are many talented designers out there but what we have appreciated when working with Lumi is his desire to make our team happy. "

Shalee Schafeitel of Success Training Co says:

"We've had amazing feedback on the logo so far and we are extremely happy with how it captures us and what our company represents."

James Diaz of Image Quest says:

"Lumi is not only extremely creative but also a valuable asset to any business. He is honest and hard-working while still able to think outside of the box."

Kristina Spandau of POS Portal says:

"Lumi puts his entire heart into what he does, and does it with complete optimism. Like his designs, he is full of energy and enthusiasm."